Dr. Ellen Buchbinder, MD, Diplomate in Allergy and Immunology
Dr. Ellen Buchbinder, MD, Diplomate in Allergy and Immunology

Dr. Ellen Buchbinder is one of New York's "Top Doctors" in her field of Allergy and Immunology. In her experience as a physician, scholar and musician, Dr. Buchbinder has developed a unique philosophy of caring and compassion for her patients.

Dr. Buchbinder's goal is to help patients of all ages, from pre-adolescence through adulthood, enjoy their lives both indoors and outdoors with minimal allergic symptoms.

Dr. Buchbinder's practice is entirely devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of allergic disorders, including asthma, nasal and sinus allergy, food allergy, animal dander allergy (e.g. dogs and cats), medication allergy, bee sting allergy, urticaria (hives) and angioedema, eczema and allergic contact dermatitis.

By discovering each patient's allergies and hypersensitivities in the consultation and testing phase, Dr. Buchbinder can design an effective treatment plan.

A critical part of Dr. Buchbinder's work involves caring for patients who suffer from severe allergic reactions, including allergic pulmonary (lung) disease, allergic skin disease, and allergic nasal and sinus disease. By detecting the allergic components in serious illnesses, Dr. Buchbinder can dramatically improve her patients' quality of life. Very often these factors are previously unsuspected and undiagnosed.

Each patient presents a unique variety of allergic responses. Dr. Buchbinder uses her extensive expertise to create a successful customized treatment plan for each individual patient. She continues to distinguish herself by incorporating all the most recent advances in the field into her work. She is interested, motivated and challenged to solve unique and individual allergic problems.

Breakthroughs for 2014 - The FDA has approved the monoclonal antibody, Xolair, for the treatment of Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria. Xolair was previously approved in 2003 for the treatment of Asthma. This antibody specifically binds to the IgE receptor. When this receptor is blocked, it inhibits allergic reactions. Additionally, 3 sublingual (oral) allergy tablets have been FDA approved for the treatment of Grass Pollen and Ragweed Pollen allergy. These tablets promote desensitization to these specific allergens. A new drug, Dupilumab, is entering Phase III investigation for the treatment of both Asthma and Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema). There is a tremendous amount of expectation that this new drug will be yet another advancement in the field.

Breakthroughs for 2015 - There are 3 ongoing clinical studies for peanut allergy desensitization. The three methods are oral immunotherapy (OIT), sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) and epicutaneous immunotherapy (EPIT) with a newly developed peanut patch.

Breakthroughs for 2017 - Two new asthma drugs have been approved by the FDA. One is called Nucala. It is an injection for patients with severe asthma and a high eosinophil count. The other is called Cinqair. A new injectible medication for eczema, called Dupixent, has also just been approved.

Breakthroughs for 2018 - A third biologic asthma drug called Fasenra has been approved for treating severe asthma, also for patients with high eosinophil counts. Dupixent has now been approved for treating moderate to severe asthma in addition to eczema. Oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy may be approved in the next few months by a company named Aimmune. The approach for this new treatment involves taking an increasing dose of peanut flour orally over time. The purpose is to prevent harm from accidental exposure to peanuts.